The Tax Specialist is a company created by an individual named Andrew Sussman.  As a Florida International University graduate with a Bachelors in Business Administration and a major in Finance, Andrew grew to understand what it really takes to build a loyal client base. His experience includes financial consulting for new businesses, existing businesses, and Real Estate investments. As a financial entrepreneur, he also had a great understanding of personal and business taxes which became second nature in guiding himself and his clients to success. The core business model for The Tax Specialist revolves around 3 main components: Exceptional Customer Service, Secureness of Customer Information, and delivery of Trustworthy Transparent Informed Professional Services. Having these 3 main components has allowed the company to continue building and forming long-term client relationships. To take it to the next level, we are here to assist clients much further than properly preparing and filing their taxes. We are here to help make the American Dream a reality! We promise to show you the path on how to, at the least, make you financially worthy of purchasing a home. This is the first step to financial freedom.
We believe it’s all about going above and beyond to teach and build each and every one of our clients.